“Greg Forge”, created in 2005 unites craftsmen with interest to history and love of labor with perfect skills and knowledge of technologies of antiquity.Over the years of working with steel we have learned a lot. Going from simple to complex through trial and errors we have gained new knowledge and skills.

We are ready to craft for you works of any complexity.

We will gladly produce for you:

  • – Swords, sabers, axes, halberds of any given historical period.
  • – Helmets, armor, gloves, chain mail intended for historical reconstruction and interior.
  • – Exclusive knives and blades of Damascus and modern steels.
  • – Artistic forging of any difficulty.
  • – Axes and adzes for home, trips, hunting and working with wood.

Working for you:

  • Verizhnikov Gregory

    – founder and director of the project. Provides reception of orders implementation and delivery. Gregory forges swords, axes, swords of Damascus steel and mono steel, conducts heat treatment.

  • Demkovich Vladimir

    —armourer master. Vladimir performs for you all bench works with blades, axes, halberds, spears, etc. Precision and sharpness of our products – his handiwork. Especially complicated custom knives and axes, which you see on the site, provided by his high skill.